Comfort zone financial analysis

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Comfort zone financial analysis

This part of the strategic planning process reviews and critiques the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the company. However, many of us have never applied this process to our own personal and professional development. This is an extremely useful exercise.

A SWOT analysis looks at both internal and external factors. To do a general personal SWOT analysis, you would start with identifying your strengths and weaknesses. These are things like your skills, experience, knowledge, training and advantages.

Where you are strong? What areas can you target for improvement? What areas are lacking? Examples of Strengths Think about the things that make you unique and that help you to stand out in a crowded field of co-workers or potential job candidates.

Creating a Personal SWOT Analysis - Executive Secretary

I am well organized. I speak more than one language. I have a college degree in Business.

I have an outgoing personality. I have a strong knowledge of Microsoft Office. I know first aid.

Comfort zone financial analysis

I can type 90 words per minute. I am comfortable speaking in public. I have worked in the medical field. I know how to create databases. Examples of Weaknesses Weaknesses are things that hold you back or that might prevent you from getting a job.

I am weak on macros in Microsoft Office. I have no marketing skills. I lack accounting experience. I am uncomfortable with change. I am too shy in social situations. No one has to read these lists unless you want them to.

It might also be illuminating to poll friends and coworkers for their opinions. Note that this analysis can be done for a more specific purpose like preparing for your next promotion or starting a new business.

Then you can look at your strengths and weaknesses specifically as they pertain to the goal you are working towards. Recognize that most strengths and weaknesses are points on a spectrum, often matching like bookends.

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The strength of confidence can easily become the weakness of cockiness under different circumstances. Next, you will look at opportunities and threats.

These are items external to us — perhaps, beyond our control. Only by identifying them ahead of time can we take steps to be prepared for potential opportunities and to mitigate the damage of threats.

This is another area where your answers may appear in both lists, as threats often open up new opportunities. Someone needs to design, build, install, provide training on, and maintain those machines.Think you’ve got what it takes?

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