Db file parallel write ask tommy

The DOP is set pretty low, given our current system. But it's still set and can't be easily turned off. In other words, transforming or loading data.

Db file parallel write ask tommy

db file parallel write ask tommy

Event Waits Time cs Wt Time control file parallel write 2, 33, A bigger log buffer and FAR FAR FAR fewer commits you are probably committing way way too much -- that is causing extra control file writes and log waits - the only time you want for logs; when you commit or the redo log buffer is totally full.

Make a much much larger redo log buffer. Tune the control and log devices. If it is, please let us know via a Review Reviews August 21, - 2: A reader meant to select 5 stars August 21, - 2: A reader tuning control file parallel write wait event June 12, - Wayne from Texas Tom, AS always, great job.

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I am getting waits on a box that is not in production, yet sun v Next, will be the analyzing the stats to see if we need to budget for better laid out drive arrays Wayne June 12, - That is usually the manager doing that because they see it is cheaper and therefore must be "better": September 16, - 2: Top 5 Timed Events Event Waits Time s Ela Time control file sequential read 7, 7 I have a few questions.

Is there a view I can query to get this information? Followup September 16, - 3: RAC the background processes are thing that would write to the control file the parallel write.

Thanks September 16, - 3: This has been very helpful to us.The reason so many of us ask about putting a standby database on the same server as the primary database, is that it is homework for Oracle DB Admin courses, which require the creation of a standby DB, and most of us only have access to a single system.

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db file parallel write ask tommy

The end users are complainingthat the performance is really bad. System data: ECC / Oracle We can easily see that the wait event "db file parallel write" from the 8 DBWR processes is reall.

db file parallel write