Enda o coineen business plan

As with many things to do with the gallant year-old Galwegian, the world and its events as seen by Enda are sometimes in a very different framework, or at the very least a fresh perspective, by comparison with the perceptions of the rest of us. Many people would see their entire lives as just one personal Odyssey. But that is inadequate to capture the essence of the way Enda O Coineen lives. And the challenge of continuing his dismasted Vendee Globe campaign from New Zealand on round Cape Horn and back to the finish has definitely been an Odyssey in itself.

Enda o coineen business plan

He was then stranded more than km from the southern coast of New Zealand at sea alone with no mast or sails. Here he tells us how it all unfolded. He was really enjoying being back in the race, having stopped briefly in the shelter of Stewart Island, New Zealand, to do some repairs.

But, it started to malfunction in the stormy conditions, causing the boat to gybe suddenly out of control. As the boat turned and the main sail and the boom slammed across violently, Enda was caught by surprise.

He was in the cockpit of the Kilcullen Voyager trying to work on the self-steering when a massive wind gust hit them. He remembers seeing that it was 35 to 40 knots on the wind gauge. The malfunctioning self-steering caused the boat to gybe suddenly again. The boat took off full speed down the face of a wave and smashed into a wall of water at the bottom.

His foot boat stopped instantly, but the foot mast snapped in two right off the deck. There was broken rigging thrashing around and ropes flapping everywhere. I was lucky to be alive. I had to crawl around the boat on my hands and knees and start slashing the lines.

I became mister slasher with my knives. I had two razor-sharp knives to cut all of the lines free, and then the mast, sails and rigging sank deep into the Southern Ocean.

I went from being in a fast-moving, high-performance racing yacht to bobbing around alone in three- to four-metre swells in the Southern Ocean.

enda o coineen business plan

My whole world fell apart. I then managed to sleep for a bit. He had already sailed 13, nautical miles more than 24,km alone through the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and the Southern Ocean, and was heading across the Pacific to Cape Horn in Chile. He was in 15th place when the mast came down.

And he was alone and very afraid. I just thought about solving the problem. I had to get back up and figure out how to get going again. I was alone nautical miles km from the southern tip of New Zealand in the middle of the Southern Ocean with no means of propulsion because there was a rope wrapped around my propeller.

The nearest fishing boat was around nautical miles away. I had some spare battens for the main sail so I slashed them together like a tent.

I put a jib on it upside down and could manage to sail at around two or three knots. I started to limp slowly to New Zealand. He was torn between relief at surviving and being gutted that his dream was destroyed.

enda o coineen business plan

It felt quite ironic to me. And it was slow progress getting himself and his wounded boat to New Zealand. With my mastless boat and makeshift jury rig, it took me six days to sail miles.

But I was getting out of there myself.

Enda Padraig O'Coineen, Founder & Chairman at Kilcullen Kapital Partners as - Relationship Science

He is also involved in the Atlantic Youth Trust, an Irish sailing charity that teaches young people to sail on tall ships.

And so when he reached New Zealand, he put his time there to good use. I just want to finish the single-handed round-the-world trip. · Galway businessman Enda O’Coineen, the chairman of Kilcullen Kapital Partners, has signed a deal to buy the Sunday Business Post newspaper.

Galway businessman and solo sailor Enda O'Coineen agrees deal to buy Sunday Business Post

Staff at the Post, which was put on the market last grupobittia.com SELF-DESCRIBED ‘unsinkable entrepreneur’ Enda O’Coineen has finally signed the deal to buy the Sunday Business Post from Conor Killeen. It turns out that a stipulation that any new owner sign up to a five-year print contract with Killeen’s Webprint operation had proved a stumbling block grupobittia.com A Galway sailor forced out of a solo round-the-world race has vowed to complete the epic challenge.

Enda O’Coineen was towed to safety from the Southern Ocean, hundreds of miles from New Zealand. · Businessman Enda O’Coineen has bought the Sunday Business Post from its owner of the past six years, Key Capital, it has been confirmed. Enda O’Coineengrupobittia.com Founded in , Maritime Management is a leading supplier of services to the International Shipping industry and Jump to.

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Bobby talk to Solo Sailor Enda O'Coineen in the middle of the grupobittia.com  · Enda O'Coineen serves as the Founder and Partner at Kilcullen Kapital Partners. He also serves as Chairman of EN-West Ltd.

Mr. O'Coineen serves as grupobittia.com?.

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