Information about the habits and life of the giant panda bear

The Germanic name Bernard including Bernhardt and similar forms means "bear-brave", "bear-hardy", or "bold bear".

Information about the habits and life of the giant panda bear

He's big, muscular and angry looking. He might even be an actual monster. People are often fearful of him. But he's got a heart of gold. He loves children and puppiesand frequently abhors unnecessary violence. He is often rather intelligent, level-headed and analytical, a voice of reason in the group.

He probably has a few unexpected hobbies. He's the Gentle Giant. However, when push comes to shove, he's great to have on your side in battle.

This is a Violation of Common Sense that has become an archetype in its own right.

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We are all used to thinking of big people and giant creatures as frightening and mean. Starting back as far as Frankenstein's Monster or earlier, the seven-foot shambling hulk of a man is almost always gentle inside, and misunderstood by society at large.

This archetype is so common it's probably more surprising for the musclebound hulk to turn out to be an irreconcilable jerk or bloodthirsty killer. The old subversion has become the new norm. The other is usually a Genius Bruiser. Sometimes has a much smaller friend and companion. The typical Gentle Giant is quiet and, while not "book smart" and sometimes outright stupidis usually closer to Earth.

An occasional subversion of this is to make him the most intelligent member of the group, either as a scientist and tech guy or as a cynic. He may also like things that other guys will think of as "un-manly"and woe to you if you mock him for that.

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Contrast The Napoleon and Killer Rabbit. See also Bruiser with a Soft Centerfor which being tough and badass is the default, and the sensitivity may be a Hidden Depth. Frequently overlaps with Face of a Thug.

Not to be confused with the British progressive rock band. True to his name, he is a smiling, jovial giant who bellows a happy "Ho ho ho!

Information about the habits and life of the giant panda bear

According to this commercialFlo from Progressive is one. He's actually a pretty gentle and sweet guy though. Team Dad Reiner Braun, who towers over his fellow trainees and is built like a linebacker. Horribly subverted, when it turns out both are not only Titan Shifters sent to infiltrate the human ranks And then double subverted, as it's revealed that neither of them actually wanted to do it, and they're both struggling with crushing — and in Reiner's case, mind-breaking — levels of guilt; and that their affection for their comrades was genuine.

Played straight with Mike Zacharias, who is the second strongest member of the Survey Corps and stands at an impressive cm 6'4"making him the tallest human in the series.DISTRIBUTION & HABITAT (McLellan et al ) (Pasitschniak-Arts ) (Rode et al ) Distribution (McLellan et al ).

Most widespread bear in the world. Europe. The giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca, literally "black and white cat-foot"; Chinese: 大熊猫; pinyin: dà xióng māo, literally "big bear cat"), also known as panda bear or simply panda, is a bear native to south central China.

It is easily recognized by the large, distinctive black patches around its eyes, over the ears, and across its round body. A giant panda's appetite for bamboo is insatiable. They eat bamboo 12 hours a day.

That adds up to 28 lbs. ( kg) of bamboo each day, according to National Geographic. Panda Habits The giant panda was unknown to the western world until , when it was discovered by a French missionary called Pere Armand David.

For a while, it was known as Pere David's bear. The authors of If You Were a Penguin, Wendell and Florence Minor, turn their attention to bears in the educational picture book If You Were a Panda Bear. If You Were a Panda Bear introduces different types of bears to young children.

Through the poems in this charming storybook, kids will learn that pandas are shy and eat bamboo, black bears love to climb trees, and grizzly bears can be up to. The giant panda, a black-and-white bear, has a body typical of bears. It has black fur on its ears, eye patches, muzzle, legs, and shoulders.

The rest of the animal's coat is white.

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